GFWC PA President’s Project: 

Vision Impairment Awareness


Carol Foley
State President’s Project Chairman

21 Wagner St. East
Hummelstown, PA  17036-9117


District Chairman

Judy Kershner
324 Ashley Drive, Shillington 19607-3204

Ginny Zdanowciz
21 Drfitwood Drive, Plains 18705
570.829.2980 (c) 570.574.1978

South Central:
Carol Foley
21 Wagner St. East, Hummelstown 17036-9117

District Chairman

North Central:
Bev Stamen
10 Quarry Road, Watsontown 17772

Denise Tovlin
204 Williamsburg Drive, Elizabeth 15037-2442
412.751.1853 (c) 412.721.5213

Norma McClay
19684 Collier Drive, Meadville 16335-9678

State President’s Project:



Eye diseases will double by 2030 making public awareness important.


  • Increase awareness of causes, prevention, corrections and resources for vision impairment in children and adults.

  • Learn about local vision impairment resources through the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind.

  • Become active with a local agency for the blind.

  • Donate eyeglasses to the Lions Club collection project.

Our Progress

The Eyeglass Collection goal of 2020 glasses was surpassed! Below is our progress along with donating monetary funds to local agencies.

Eye Glasses Collected

Glass Cases Collected

Lens Wipes Collected


Using the list of Pennsylvania Association for the Blind agencies at contact the one nearest to you.

1. Meet with a representative to determine how your club members can help.

– office work

– donate money

– help an individual with a specific need

– purchase a piece of equipment

– help with screenings

2. Arrange for a speaker for a club, county or district meeting.

– someone to talk about their life with vision impairment

– needs of the local agency

– a low vision specialist

3. Begin a collection of eyeglasses to donate to a Lions Club or collection site in your area.

4. Celebrate Helen Keller’s birthday on June 27 in your community.


These are ideas for your club to get organized between now and the Fall District Meetings.




WHO:  Club members and individuals; donate in honor of someone who is visually impaired   

WHAT:  Monetary Donations

WHERE:  Local agency of the PA  Association for the Blind

WHY:  Purchase vision aids for clients to improve their quality of life       

WHEN:  August – December, 2021 and January – April 15, 2022

This is an excellent way to become involved with your local agency and will add a personal touch to the volunteer aspect of the project. Contact your local agency to identify the needs of their clients and determine how much money your club can donate to purchase vision aids. If there are no specific client needs at this time, perhaps some general vision aids could be purchased (computer programs, talking alarm clocks, talking glucose meters, etc.) which have a wide price range. It would be wonderful to know we have helped improve the lives of visually impaired people.

The dollars donated is a new separate line item on the President’s Project report form.  

REMEMBER:  The eyeglass collection will continue until April 15, 2022 with a goal of 2022 glasses.  There is an emphasis on placing collection boxes in the community with your club name displayed.  These should be places people attend frequently, allowing for many times to drop off the glasses – churches, businesses, libraries, retirement homes, etc.  Perhaps an article in the local paper about the collection will attract attention to the project and your club’s involvement. The number of glasses collected in 2021will be reported on the President’s Project report form and a separate form will be used for January 1, 2022-April 15, 2022

EYE EXAMS:  This is a new project for 2021-2022.  Clubs will record the number of members who have had eye exams from January 2020- December 31, 2021. This information is retroactive to January 2020 to accommodate the members who had an exam in 2020 and would not be due for their next exam until 2022.  The number of eye exams is a new separate line item on the President’s Project report form.

VOLUNTEER:   Inquire at your local agency about volunteer opportunities:   helping with mailings; providing a treat or organizing a party for adults and/or children; help with preschool vision screenings; or support their fundraising efforts.  Each agency is unique with its own needs.  Let’s find out what they are and how we can help!

TEASER:  There is a fun, as well as educational, activity to be introduced at the Fall District Meetings which will culminate at the convention in 2022.  Plan to attend to stay involved with the President’s Project.

DISTRICT CHAIRMEN:  The district chairmen are always available to answer questions, present a program, help with projects, or coordinate contacting your local agency.  They are willing to help in any way they can so please contact them.

Braille Project:

Louis Braille once said, “Access to communication, in the widest sense, is access to knowledge.”

The purpose of this project is to show us how braille drastically changed the lives of those with vision loss. It gave them tools to become more educated and an opportunity to be on equal footing with the sighted world. 

This project will teach us about the history of braille and introduce us to the braille alphabet and will be the culmination of the education and awareness aspect with an interesting display at the spring 2022 convention. 

  1.   At a club meeting, have a member present a report on the history of braille.


  1.   Each club will make a sign with the club name and the Braille alphabet below it. Add your club president’s name at the bottom in smaller letters only; you do not need to do in braille.    

Discuss ideas for the club sign and ask for volunteers to make it following these guidelines.      

  • Material suggestions:  stretched canvas, mat board, poster board from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  May be painted if desired.
  • Club signs may be any shape or size up to 16×20.
  • Braille dots can be beads, puffy paint or any embellishment.
  • Braille alphabet can be found on the internet or on the back of this sheet.
  1.   Have each member print their first name in letters and braille on blank 3×5 cards.
      • card any color; print any color; dots any media (See artwork above for samples of club sign and member name cards)
  1.   Club signs and name cards will be brought to and displayed at the GFWC PA Annual Meeting/Convention at the Radisson Hotel in Scranton from April 29 to May 1, 2022
  1.   Complete the project by December 31, 2021 to include in your club’s annual report. Please refer any questions to Carol Foley at or 717-566-0637.
  2. Report your club’s participation on the Vision Impairment Awareness report form to be sent to Donna Malone postmarked no later than January 31, 2022.


    Let’s make Braille and Vision Impairment Awareness a Project to Remember!

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

    -Helen Keller

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