Community Impact Program


Cheryl Brooks

Community Impact Program

The Community Impact Program Awards are designed to encourage and recognize the positive effects a club can have on specific needs in their community. As GFWC’s longest standing project, the Community Impact Program Awards has evolved since its introduction to members in 1949, still the goals remain the same, to reward clubs for effective community projects that benefit from opportunities for growing club membership, enhancing leadership skills, building relationships with individuals and community groups, and creating public awareness of the club and GFWC. Community Impact Projects should make a visual, physical, or emotional impact at the grassroots level. They are projects that bring awareness to what GFWC volunteering is all about

AWARD PERIOD January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023  


Any grassroots project that makes a large impact in your local community and fits the criteria will be accepted for judging purposes. Additionally, GFWC clubs are encouraged to consider the Community Connection Initiative highlighted in each of the Special Program Areas and/or Community Service Programs. These Community Connection Initiatives can be found in the right-hand side panel of each of the Club Manual Guides under the area of interest.

  • Signature Program: Raise Awareness to Hope and Help
  • Juniors’ Special Program: Refresh and Revive 
  • Arts and Culture: Community Historical Gems
  • Civic Engagement and Outreach: A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way 
  • Education and Libraries: Bring the Sparkle to Public Libraries
  • Environment: Sparkling Seeds, Brilliant Butterflies, Glamorous Garden Gloves
  • Health and Wellness: Physical Fitness Opportunities for All Ages


Here is an example of how a club can design a project eligible for Community Impact Program Awards.


Club members meet to discuss the needs of their local community by looking for grassroots projects that will require community partnerships, additional funds, and planning implementation. Clubs can also select a Community Connection Initiative from one of the Special Program Areas and/or Community Service Programs as noted in the GFWC Club Manual guides. After brainstorming possible projects, ask club members to narrow the discussion to a couple of possible focus areas. Club members research the grassroots issues of focus with input from the community (schools, churches, local leaders and governments, businesses, etc.) and reconvene to finalize a targeted project. 


The club creates a project plan that may include:

  • Project goal statement describing a clear picture view of what is to be accomplished by the project and what benefits will be gained when the project is completed
  • Community connections for collaboration
  • Funding needed and possible sources
  • Media outlets and plan to promote the project in the news, online, and social media
  • Timeline for the project 


Each Community Impact Program Award Entry Form can feature one project based on community need or the Community Connection Initiative from one of the Special Program Areas and/or Community Service Programs. The selected project must be undertaken by a club and accomplished during the award period of January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023

MARCH 1, 2024   Entry Deadline

Club entries must be sent to Cheryl Brooks, state CIP Chairman via email or mail, postmarked/timestamped no later than this date, to Community Impact Program Award State Chairman.  The Official Entry Form can be found in the 2022-2024 GFWC Club Manual beginning around page 180.  Additional information and ideas for projects begin around page 176 of the Club Manual.   

GFWC State Awards First Place $100

“It’s a volunteer thing!”


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