Health & Wellness CSP

Health & Wellness CSP:

Happy and dedicated members are the most important ingredients for the success of local, state and GFWC clubs.  As Chairman of the Health and Wellness committee, I am asking you to invite a club member for coffee/tea; join a member for lunch or dinner, or just meet as a group to chat. I am also suggesting that you call (by phone) each member at least once a month just to say “I miss you.” Let’s make every member feel valuable and welcome. We are not “Walking in their Shoes.”  Any one of these thoughts may brighten a member’s day.

Since our clubs vary in size, I am asking Club Presidents to implement a few of these thoughts in a way that is best for their club.

A friend is a gift right from the start, a blessing from God and a hug for your heart.

National Cancer Prevention Month

& American Heart Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and American Heart Month.  Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of Women. Heart disease is preventable. This committee is suggesting that you have a mammogram, a colonoscopy, a skin check, an annual checkup, an eye exam, and a dental exam. If neglected, problems can occur.  If a health problem does occur, if caught early, the survival rate is above 90+ percent. Remember to wear red on February 3 to bring awareness to heart disease.



Scroll to the top under the Downloads section of this page to download a Wellness Calendar to help you track your monthly health habits such as exercizing and eating. 

Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it

Jack Lalanne

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Reach out to our membership chairman for help finding a club near you.

For general inquiries, contact Headquarters below or the Chairman of a specific program or advancement area.

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