Health & Wellness CSP: 

Keeping Yourself Healthy to Help Others


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Health & Wellness CSP:

Keeping Yourself Healthy to Help Others

During this pandemic it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally. The human body, mind and spirit comprise our health and wellness.

To improve our wellbeing, we will address three components:  nutrition, disease prevention and physical and emotional care. 

Nutritious food is the first building block of good health. Wise food choices support a healthy body weight, meet nutrient needs, and lessen the risk for chronic disease. 

Share information with club and community members about making wise food choices.,, and are good resources for wise food choices.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month in March with a healthy potluck dinner at your club’s monthly meeting or organize a community event such as a “Recipe Makeover Contest” which transforms a favorite dish by cutting calories and increasing nutritional value.

Provide healthy snacks for club members, first responders, such as: police and fire fighters, or to an after- school program.

Fill A Glass With Hope

Many of us consumed nutritious dairy products as we saved for our fundraiser: “Fill a Glass with Hope” project. We are continuing our challenge asking all clubs across the state to creatively raise funds for our “Fill a Glass with Hope” Challenge. Our goal is to raise $2022.00 by April 15, 2022. The Food Banks across PA receive our money so they can purchase milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, and other dairy products for needy families.

The Fill A Glass With Hope raised $ 4,220.10  from GFWC Pennsylvania Clubs.   A check was presented to the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association.  The Fill A Glass with Hope project raised funds for Food Banks of Pennsylvania to purchase milk and dairy products for families in need.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”

– Jim Rohn

Last year we were able to donate $4220.10 to Feeding PA who distributed the funds to food banks across the state. As we move into 2022, I am hoping you will include your community in your fundraiser. Make the members of your community aware of “Fill a Glass with Hope” by holding and inviting them to meetings or events with this project as the benefactor. It can be passing a cup labeled with “Fill a Glass with Hope” around at each meeting; or, specifying a particular month to collect in your neighborhood. Get the news about your event into your community newsletter or spread the word via social media. Have fun deciding on a creative way to involve your community in raising funds for “Fill a Glass with Hope”!

More Ways to Stay Healthy

As Jack LaLanne has said,” Your body is your most precious possession. Take care of it.”

Our health and wellness are comprised not only of our body, but our mind and spirit. Realizing this, we continue to stress three components – nutritious foods, disease prevention, and physical and emotional care. For good health we need nutritious foods which support healthy body weight, meet nutrient needs, and help prevent the risk of serious disease.

We have just experienced a terrible, ongoing bout with Covid 19. To prevent it from spreading, vaccines were developed. These vaccines help keep you from getting Covid 19. The vaccines cannot give you Covid 19. They were developed to keep you and everyone safe. Vaccination is a valuable tool to stop the pandemic. Currently, everyone 12 years old and older is eligible to get a Covid 19 vaccination. Vaccines are safe and effective. Recently I read that most of the Covid 19 patients in hospitals are those who have not been vaccinated. Why take a chance of letting yourself or others get so sick, when all you need to do is get that shot; so, get a vaccine as soon as you can! Not only the Covid 19 vaccine but get a check-up to be sure you are up to date for all your immunizations.

Do not forget to get your eyes, teeth, and skin checkups too. It is the best way to know you are healthy.

Remember the basics to stay healthy in mind and spirit. Exercise in whatever form works for you. Start small with realistic goals. Get out in the sunshine. It will do wonders for your mood.

With that in mind GFWC PA is sponsoring a Neighborhood Walk for Canine Companions during the month of August. Please see the flyer for details. This walk is to provide funds for those families who receive a service dog but do not have the money for the dog’s upkeep. Walking for this cause should make you feel even better about yourself and about exercise.

Be sure to drink lots of water.

Sleep helps our minds to process information from the day, solve complex problems and often produce our most creative works. If you do not get enough sleep your mind will be foggy and you will be more irritable.

Another way to help you feel more positive is to help others. At the Health and Wellness Workshop a project was shared to help seniors who live alone have something to do.

Club members can collect easy projects like puzzles, coloring books, etc. (see workshop for more ideas) put them in bags to distribute them to senior homes and those living alone. The isolation has affected everyone, so any way we can help someone feel better is a good thing.

Remember we are all in this together. Everyone was impacted, in one way or another. Let us strengthen our ability to cope and develop healthy life skills so we can be a stronger, confident leader in our community.

Above all, Stay Healthy and Stay Well!

Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it

Jack Lalanne

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