Derry Township, PA — The Federated Women’s Club of Hershey recently partnered with the Hershey Lions Club to heighten awareness about vision impairment and collect used eyeglasses. The joint effort began with a recent $250 contribution by the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey to the Hershey Lions Club to help the visually impaired. 

Carol Foley, local and state project chair and member of the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey.

“The 2-year project started with information from the National Eye Institute that by the year 2050, the four most common eye problems will or will nearly double. It is important that we learn about the detection and treatment of these diseases,” reported Carol Foley, local and state project chair and member of the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey. “Helping people who are blind or visually impaired to live the most fulfilling lives they can is valuable to those people and to their communities,” shared Foley. Why partner with the Hershey Lions Club? “Once I learned the Vision Impairment Awareness project was chosen by our state president, I immediately thought about teaming up with the Hershey Lions Club to help support their projects,” added Foley. 

 “We’re delighted to affiliate with the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey to benefit the community. Partnering to help the visually impaired is a meaningful way to expand the service impact of both organizations,” added Hershey Lions Club President, Steve Gallerizzo. The $250 donation from the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey was quickly used to help an uninsured resident obtain an eye exam and eyeglasses. The Hershey Lions have been helping the visually impaired since the club’s founding in 1944 with eye exams and glasses and used eyeglass collections. Used eyeglasses are collected to be matched up with needy people around the world. Hershey Lions have also provided camp sponsorships for the visually impaired, and large print books for the Hershey Library, among other efforts.  

Federated Women’s Clubs across the state, which fall under the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Pennsylvania (GFWC Pennsylvania), are also partnering with other Lions Clubs and other organizations in similar ways. Collectively, the Federated Women’s Clubs have a goal of gathering over 2,020 pairs of used eyeglasses for donation by May of 2022. Federated Women’s Clubs swiftly exceeded their goal with the most recent total of 2,045 used eyeglasses collected. The “Vision Impairment Awareness” project is 2020-2022 GFWC Pennsylvania President Sandy Hauenstein’s State President’s project. Hauenstein also volunteers at Vision Resources of Central PA and hosts a two-hour weekly live radio broadcast including current weather, news, opinion pieces, and interesting articles broadcast online and available to the vision impaired.  

General information about the state project is available at Residents can learn more about the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey on Facebook at FedWomensClubHershey.  For more information about the Hershey Lions Club please visit our website at