From GFWC’s International President

Dear Members,

You are about to be part of history. I am excited to announce that GFWC is holding its First Virtual Annual Convention, “Remember The Rose,” and you can be there. By 5pm EDT on June 22, you will be able to visit GFWC’s website and GFWC’s Facebook page for the First Virtual GFWC Annual Convention.

You will be able to cheer as the CSP, Advancement Area, and Contest Chairmen announce their awards. The Junior Banquet session will feature the Junior Membership Increase Awards, the Juniorette Participation Awards, the Juniors’ Special Program Awards, the March of Dimes Awards, and the Millie Crom Awards. 

The Gala Banquet will highlight the Community Improvement Program winners, the Jennie Award winners, and the Charlotte Emerson Brown Excellence in Leadership winners. As with a change of administration Convention, there will be 2018–2020 Director of Junior Clubs Trisha Schafer’s Farewell Address, 2018–2020 International President Mary Ellen Brock’s Farewell Address, and 2020–2022 International President Marian St.Clair’s Inaugural Address. The fantastic totals for the Seven Grand Initiatives and Three Brand Initiatives will be revealed during my Farewell Address, and they are astounding.

As we are all from different parts of the country in different stages of restrictions, we suggest that you gather for a watch party, or have a Zoom watch party, or a conference call watch party, or call a member of your club and listen together on the phone. I advise you to adhere to all government restrictions, but I urge you, if telephoning is your only option, to call that friend and listen together. Many of you have shared the work that was reported, so share the excitement as well.

Hours and hours of work have gone into the production of this First Virtual GFWC Annual Convention, “Remember The Rose.” A round of applause for Second Vice President Suellen Brazil and all of the chairmen for the time they so generously gave to judge the entries, compile the winners, and tape the sessions. A special thank you to First Vice President Deb Strahanoski and Director of Junior Clubs Trisha Schafer for ensuring that the Charlotte Emerson Brown and Millie Crom Awards for state leadership would be announced.

At the end of the session, I would like you all to give a round of applause for our Director of Communications Carrie deGuzman who sat in on almost every session for technical support and together with Communications and Design Coordinator Shaukeria Reese spent many days assembling all of the parts to make this First Virtual GFWC Annual Convention video. A special thank you to the Director of Membership Services and Programs Melanie Gisler and Programs Manager Darrell Jones for their assistance with the special area judging and Partner Awards.

All of the proceedings of the First Virtual GFWC Annual Convention, “Remember The Rose,” will be available in an Awards and Accolades Book on June 25, at the GFWC website for you to download and print. So you will have the special remembrances for your scrapbooks.

All award certificates and checks will be mailed to the 2018–2020 State Presidents by July 8, so that they can be distributed at summer/fall state events.

You can imagine all of the time spent on the Virtual Convention Zooms, the Awards and Accolades Book, and the printing of the certificates. No one minded. Every member of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and staff involved had one goal, to capture the celebration of a year of outstanding achievements and the excitement of a GFWC Annual Convention for you, our members.

We might all have masks hiding our smiles, but we can all see the twinkle in our eyes. Enjoy the First Virtual Annual Convention, “Remember The Rose!”

With Federation Love,

Mary Ellen Brock
GFWC International President