Congratulations to the clubs and state chairmen who sent reports.  You are all winners.  The following have been recognized at the GFWC level. 

GFWC Pennsylvania  

Canine Companions for Independence Partner Award  

Operation Smile Paula Cutler Award 

Charlotte Emerson Brown Award 

Individual or Club Awards at GFWC Level 

Public Issues– Club Creativity Honorable Mention Award to the GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Student Writing

 Category 1   Abby Shipman Short Story titled “A Camel in the Family” submitted by  

                      GFWC Pennsylvania -Bangor  **View submission below.

Community Improvement Contest 

4th Place GFWC Plymouth.  The club rescued their local library.  They fund raise and volunteer as well as help, with administration of the library programs.  The club will receive a monetary award of $1,500. 

Student Creative Writing Submission

Submitted by GFWC Pennsylvania Bangor

Written by Abby Shipman

“A Camel in the Family“

It was a dark starry night. A hurt camel lies wounded in the deserts of Iraq. He moans loudly. Two Arab children, Kooen and Bondy, wake up to the moan.

They quietly tiptoed outside. They see a camel. Kooen and Bondy take the sashes off their robes and wrap them around the camel’s leg. They name him Kooi-Koo. They bring him inside their horse’s stall and hide him until morning. When the sun came up they snuck to their own rooms so mom wouldn’t suspect anything.

Mom wakes and heads to take care of the horses. When she saw a camel she screamed. The children heard the noise coming from the barn and went down to see what happened. Mom was very surprised and had something to explain. She told her children when she was a girl she had a pet camel. This camel is her camel. His real name is Dates. He has returned home. Kooen and Bondy were surprised and happy that they got to keep dates!

Watch the virtual ceremony “Remember The Rose“ here at GFWC 2020 Awards.