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Marian B. Wellington, Chairman  

GFWC Woman’s Club of Milton  

Dorothy Zimmerman, President 

This club befriended victims of domestic abuse at the Renewed Hope Woman’s Home by inviting them to their club meetings. The women who lived in this monitored house learned skills to help them cope through a work program. Through the kindness of these club members, the victims gained confidence and felt accepted by the club women and the community.   

GFWC Meadville Woman’s Club  

Ann Harned, President 

This club initiated “Soles for Soul” which is a project to collect shoes for abused individuals who live at Greenhouse, the women’s shelter, and who live at St James Haven, the men’s shelter. The donated shoes were brought to the meetings, the number of pairs recorded on a sign-up sheet and delivered to the centers to grateful abused victims. The club members donated 105 pairs of shoes at a total value of $2,100.00.   

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club   

Dawn Himler, President 

This club participated in “Free the Girls” which is devoted to support sex trafficking survivors. Sex trafficking survivors learned to make a safe and sustainable income by selling gently used bras. The club members embraced this new project by informing the people in their family and community of the need.  

Many bras were collected and sent to the “Free the Girls” headquarters in Indiana.  

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 


Judy Grace, Chairman 

GFWC Intermediate League of Butler 

Yolanda Cypher, President  

This Club had seven projects.  To best participate in the Kids’ Backpack Program, this Club had coordinators of the Program speak at their January meeting. Along with helping to pack healthy foods in the weekly bags and donating food and manpower to the Holiday food distribution, this Club held an Antique Show, the profits of which were shared by this Program and the Fishbone Industries.  This is a program addressing the drug epidemic. Those are only two of the projects this Club actively club participated in.  

GFWC Women’s Club of Duquesne 

Sandy Riczu, President 

This Club had four projects. The Club’s President chose St. Jude Children’s Hospital as her President’s Project.  A local representative from St. Jude’s was a speaker at a club meeting to educate the members on the workings of the hospital. At each meeting, a raffle for items collected by club members was held. The proceeds were sent to St. Jude’s. The Club purchased 7 wagons for the children of St. Jude. Club members donated in kind donations amounting to over $1,000 worth of hats, gloves and scarves for homeless children to be distributed by Beverly’s Birthdays. 

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club   

Dawn Himler, President 

This Club had 15 projects.  On hearing of a bully at the local Day Care Center, this club brought awareness to the teachers by introducing the book “The Bully and the Shrimp” to be read in all classes.  They remembered Bicycle Safety Month, and National Crime Prevention Month by making sure literature addressing these subjects were read and discussed there too.  This Club sent cards “Thinking of You” to the parents of the children at St. Jude’s Hospital for Mothers and Fathers Days, as well as homemade cards to the children for all holidays.  This Club also had two club members read books in a six-week time frame and the other four members were their sponsors.  They also recruited outside sponsors. The program lasted for six weeks with a total of 43 books read.  This Club donated $300.00 for St. Jude and spent 344 hours on this project.  All this with only six members. 

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award for their creative way of raising money for St. Judes’s Children Research Hospital. 

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Anita Keiser, Chairman  


GFWC Pennsylvania Bangor 

Carol Akam, President 

This club supported the Slate Belt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  After the April club meeting, members gathered to make “Mother’s Day Bouquets” for the female residents.  Members donated fabric flowers (due to allergies) and ribbon to make small flower bouquets.  A total of 45 bouquets were made.  A greeting wishing the resident “Happy Mother’s Day” was attached to each bouquet.  After the May club meeting, members gathered to make flowers for the male residents of the facility.  Members donated red, white and blue fabric flower carnations along with coordinating ribbon.  Tags wishing the residents a “Happy Father’s Day” were attached to the flower.  A total of 40 flowers were presented to the residents by the club president.  All residents at the Slate Belt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center were given Christmas cards donated by club members in December.  Cards were signed “Merry Christmas from the Bangor Women’s Club”.  This project had $100 in-kind donations and 59 volunteer hours. 

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award because this chairman was impressed by the idea that a simple project could impact so many others.  While so many Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers house a “forgotten” society, this club made sure that it does not happen in their community.  This chairman hopes that others will see that it is not always the large projects that are worthwhile.  Everyone has the means to make an impact, projects like this help to prove that.   

“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can all do small things with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”  -Mother Teresa 


Abington Heights Civic League, Inc  

Gretchen Mackie, President 

This club in joint partnership with The Gathering Place (a local continuing arts and education center) and the Abington Business and Professional Association, sold note cards called “Our Town” to benefit art scholarships for junior and senior students from the local high school.  A former member and renowned national artist initiated the scholarship and is the artist for the note cards.  The cards all have drawings of local establishments.  The cards were sold by club members and local establishments for $15 for a package of twelve.  Scholarship rules and regulations were submitted to the art teachers who then presented to their students.  Thirty pieces of artwork were displayed at The Gathering Place and entries were judged by local artists.  Seniors received a $200 scholarship for each category and one grand prize of $500.  Juniors received a $100 scholarship for 3 categories.  A hand-crafted invitation was sent to all participants and their families for a formal award reception.  The club provided all refreshments and the arts committee acted as hostesses for the evening.  The keynote speaker for the evening was the artist of the note cards.  This project donated $2,524 and 85 volunteer hours. 


GFWC Woman’s Club of Milton 

Dorothy Zimmerman, President  

This club hosted a program “Is This Your Cup of Tea, and the Art of Sipping”.  The program included everything from the history of tea to the uses today and the producers in the US.  Before the presentation, everyone was served a cup of tea selected from several varieties offered.  Everyone was asked to bring their favorite cup or mug to the meeting.  After the presentation, each member took a turn telling about their cup/mug and why it was their favorite.  Club members all voted on the “Best of Show” using money.  The cup or mug with the most money was the winner.  All proceeds were donated to the GFWC Pennsylvania Pennies for the Arts.  It turned out to be a great way to raise funds for the project.  This project donated $60 and used 18 volunteer hours. 


Sue Hardenbrook, Chairman 

GFWC West Side Women’s Club 

Gina Rushkowski, President 

 This club logged their recycling efforts for recycling plastics, glass, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bags, yard waste and used clothing.  They donated 375 wands for wildlife; 65 pounds of tabs for Ronald McDonald House; blankets, sheets, towels and pillowcases to the Luzerne County SPCA; a $50 raffle basket and $100 to the Trolley Restoration project; as well as maintained a flower garden to honor club members who are no longer with us. 

This club had 6 projects, 565 volunteer hours, donated $115 and had in-kind donations of $226.50. 

GFWC Saxonburg District Woman’s Club  

Melissa Somerville, President 

As part of the “7 Grand Initiatives for GFWC”, this club planted 6 pollinator trees.  They collected tabs, used postage stamps, and plastic bags to be made into mats for the homeless.  They collected 26 pounds of plastic and donated it to GFWC Junior Women’s Club to make a bench.  Then they collected 500 pounds of plastic so they could also get a bench to be placed in their community. 

This club had 6 projects, 200 volunteer hours, and in-kind donation of $145. 

GFWC Town and Country Woman’s Club 

Dawn L. Himler, President. 

 This club took advantage of free conservation newsletters to share information with members and inspire discussions of invasive plants and insects, water conditions and to provide a tip of the month about recycling to each member.  The club recycled pens, markers and colored pencils to the “Pen Guy” for a large mural. The club worked with the Seton Hill Day Care Center’s 60 children to provide information and activities about Arbor Day including “The Tree” book, Earth Day with information about butterflies and National Wildlife Week with the book “Baby Lion” to teach the children about wild animals. 

This club had 13 Projects, 71.5 Volunteer Hours, $42.23 Donated and $7.78   In-Kind Donations. 


Sara Ruppel, Chairman  

GFWC Curwensville Woman’s Club 

Rhonda Sheeder, President 

This club hosted a Trunk or Treat with several community organization.  This event gave children an opportunity to trick or treat in a safe environment, while receiving a variety of treats and books that promote reading and fun. Excited children walked around a parking lot in costumes gathering treats and books  from trunks all decked out for Halloween. This club purchased over 200 new books from Scholastic and members donated gently used books to be given out. Members also donated candy and other treats handed out. In addition to traditional Halloween goodies , “literacy treats” were passed out​.  Every​ child received books, bookmarks, a new pencil, finger puppets and a packet of Halloween reading and writing activities. Nearly 1000 children and their families walked away from the event with new books and​ literacy tools to help them support reading in their home!   

Volunteer hours: 25In- Kind Donations: $430 Dollars Donated $125   

GFWC Woman’s Club of Duquesne  

Sandy Riczu, President 

This club selected the Community College of South Mifflin’s Campus Closet​ and Cupboard as the recipient of members generosity.  Realizing the impact food insecurity has on college​ students, members donated $100 to the Campus Cupboard which provides free groceries to eligible​ college students facing food insecurity. Making a first impression is often the key to landing a job or internship. To help students look their very best when attending interviews and conferences, members donated​ 2 full car loads of professional clothing, shoes, purses, and other accessories to the Campus Closet. This​ organization provides professional attire at no cost for students who may not have appropriate professional attire to wear  for those important appointments.  This club is committed to helping students succeed in their​ education and in helping students begin their careers on the right foot!   

Volunteer hours: 40 Donations: $100In-kind donations: $1632  

GFWC New Century Club of West Chester 

Carol Bremner, President 

This club sponsors a Reading is Fundamental program at a local school district for students in kindergarten- 5th grade. Travel was the first theme, and club members set up a huge display of travel destinations, posters, books brochures, and accessories. Each student/classroom received passports, bookmarks, maps, and activity sheets.  Discussions were held about where the students​ live, might like to travel and different food each area eats.  Push pins were placed on a map to show where everyone had traveled and a school coach came in to talk about his global travels, through all of this students excitedly selected a new book to take home and each classroom received books.  The second distribution followed a pizza theme and activities, crafts, speakers and treats also were provided by members about all things pizza.  The students loved receiving a bookmark that smelled like pizza to put in their new book​!​  Between both days this club gave 1640 new books to students and 50 to teachers reading circles and libraries   

Volunteer hours: 500  In-kind donations: $3393.13   Members participating: 27  


GFWC Plymouth 

Joyce Jones, President 

For the past few years Plymouth Public Library has been on a steady decline due to inferior leadership and mismanagement. So much so that by the end of 2018 funding had run out completely. With utility bills, insurances, and payroll expenses due, the future of this library was uncertain at best. 

When the Library Director resigned, GFWC Plymouth – a small club of only 9 members – took on the rescue of the local library. Two club members volunteered to assume the duties of acting library director. This was accomplished with the knowledge and support of several neighboring library systems and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

First order of business was to assess the finances. Fortunately, a member with an accounting degree spent 178 hours organizing and revamping the financial records. Money was owed to most of the vendors and hours of phone calls and visits to financial resources were needed as well. 

Keeping the doors open to serve the patrons was also a major concern, resulting in a retired club member volunteering 25 hours each week to maintain normal operating hours. Club members were responsible for all the tasks involved in normal library operations. Circulation tasks, such as keeping daily reports for statistics, assisting patrons with checking materials in or out, requesting materials from other libraries, shelving materials, and preparing materials for transit to other libraries were all handled by club members. As with any place of business, housekeeping duties like vacuuming, dusting shelves and furniture, sanitizing toys, tabletops, and bathrooms were necessary and the 9 club members addressed all of these essential tasks.  Administrative responsibilities such as preparing reports for local board meetings and state deadlines, attending system, youth services and district meetings, and submitting payroll records services were all performed by GFWC Plymouth members. 

During this time the club continued with all other library activities such as story time and the Summer Reading Program. In fact, 51 events were hosted with 464 children participating. 

As a result, the Plymouth Public Library was able to maintain Standards of Excellence for Pennsylvania Libraries in all areas except Certified Library Director. 

At the December Library Board of Trustees meeting the treasurer, a GFWC Plymouth member, shared the news that the library’s closing balance for 2019 was in excess of $41,000. This is after paying all but one outstanding debt and spending the required $13,000 for books and library circulation materials. This was the first time the library had a carry-over balance in over a decade. 

This club showed great creativity in how they solved this serious problem with limited resources. 

Members: 9   Volunteer hours: 2,390   Dollars Donated: $200.00   In-Kind Donations: $ 360.00 


Hollie Stevenson, Chairman  

GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President 

This club  held their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive at Sam’s Club and Walmart in Altoona, PA on November 22-24, 2019.  They collected food, cash and gift cards totaling $14,528.00.  Walmart and Sam’s Club were kind enough to print large banners and flyers along with the GFWC logo to promote this project.  The club’s social media page, website, live Facebook broadcasts and local newspapers, radio and television interviews were also used to promote the event.  Ten nonprofit organizations and two individual families benefited from the food drive that included 246 turkeys! Thirty-four members with 325 volunteer hours and in-kind donations $14,528 supported this project. 

GFWC Pocono Mountain Women’s Club 

Margaret Driscoll, President 

Eighty-one members of this club  collected 3740 items for children of various ages for their project called “Jared Boxes”.   The boxes were hand decorated by their members and delivered to sick children at St. Luke’s in Bartonville and Janet Wiess Geisinger Hospital.  They also used the boxes for their center pieces at their annual Fashion Show Luncheon.   The club spent 500 hours and had $730.39 of in-kind donations for this project. 

GFWC New Brighton Civic Women’s Club 

Dayna Dierdorf, President 

This club  partnered with the local elementary school and adopted families in need.  They donated money for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, gave treats for Valentine’s Day, donated gift cards for school supplies and groceries and made the Christmas extra special for the family.  Fifteen members volunteered 175 hours with $75 donated and $2,500 in kind donations. 

Club Creativity Award  

GFWC Town and Country Women’s Club  

Dawn Himler, President  

This club concentrated on Dental Health for 60 children at a local Day Care Center.  A coloring booklet entitled “Brush and Clean in Between to Build a Healthy Smile” was acquired through the American Dental Association.  Two other books were donated to the school.  The second project was completed in in February on National Tooth Fairy Day.  A coloring book was given, My Kool Smile, and centered around the Tooth Fairy.  A snack was also provided to the students.  Six members worked on this project and only spent $16.94 but  made a huge impact on 60 students! 


Mary Jane Weisenstein, Chairman 

GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President 

The beneficiary of this club’s outreach this year was a project of Because International called “The Shoe that grows”.  Because International was founded in 2007 by a missionary from Idaho working at an orphanage in Kenya who noticed that children were restricted in their activities and prone to soil-transmitted diseases because they had no shoes or shoes that were too small.  He returned to the United States and engineered shoes that were durable and could expand five sizes thus providing shoes for growing feet.  The shoes are constructed of compressed rubber sole, antibacterial synthetic upper, and high-grade Velcro straps.  “Shoes that Grow” have no mechanical parts or gears to break.  

The shoes are reasonably priced at $15.00 a pair.  Because International has distributed over 225,000 pair of shoes through 100 distribution centers. 

Volunteer Hours:  20, Dollars Donated $150.00 In-Kind Donations $196 

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 

UNICEF – GFWC Town and Country Women’s Club 

Dawn Himler, President 

This club found water awareness from UNICEF which deemed March 22 as World Water Day.  The theme for 2019 was “Leaving No One Behind” to ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all people.  Each member was given a bottle with rain water, melted snow, puddle water and creek water.  They decided they could not drink some of the water.  Each member received a booklet published by UNICEF entitled “Water for All”.  

Volunteer Hours: 2, Dollars Donated-0, In-Kind Donations 0 

OPERATION SMILE – GFWC PA Nazareth Women’s Club 

Sharon Bonner, President 

Members continue to donate items to fill Smile bags, members donated fabric, thread, fiberfill to make various items.  They made 21 hospital gowns, 18 dolls, 152 Smile splints, 50 bags and 20 blankets valued at $767.00.  During the year, they collected washcloths, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.  They paid the shipping of these items. 

Volunteer Hours: 134, Dollars Donated $682, In Kind Donations $1705.45 


Toni Mangretta, Chairman 


GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President 

This club honored local veterans as well as men and women currently serving our country in the Armed Forces by sponsoring 32 Hometown Heroes Banners.  32 Patriotic Banners, accompanied by 32 New American Flags were displayed on the lampposts in time for Memorial Day festivities.  They lined the main street in their town during the entire summer of 2019 and throughout the fall until after Veteran’s Day.  When removed they were presented to Veteran honorees or to their families’ 

Clubwomen created the design of the banners which featured a photograph of the honoree, name, rank, military branch, era of service, an American flag, and the GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club logo which includes the GFWC emblem.  Upon request the banners were available to the public on their website and distributed personally by the clubwomen to local businesses.  The completed hometown Heroes Banner project was featured on their Facebook Page.  Many clubwomen participated by honoring a family member with a banner. 

Clubwomen collaborated with several community organization including the Hollidaysburg Area Community Partnership, Copy Rite, and Borough of Hollidaysburg.  The cost of the 32 banners was provided by the Borough of Hollidaysburg.  Ten clubwomen volunteered twenty hours discussing the project, designing the banner, distributing applications, working with Copy Rite, photographing the banners, posting photos on Facebook and distributing the banners when they were taken down. 

After Banners were taken down, all were presented to the veterans, active military members, or to the veteran’s family members.  Most were presented in person, some mailed. 

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 

GFWC – Women’s Civic Club of Carmichaels Area 

Andrea Semenoff, President 


GFWC Town and Country Women’s Club  

Dawn Himler, President 



Donna Malone, Chairman  

GFWC Intermediate League of Butler  

Yolanda Cypher, President  

This club believes their clubwomen must keep pace with new technologies as well as digital file storage that has become essential to the growth of their club.  During a board meeting, one clubwoman, well versed in technology, presented a workshop on the use of Dropbox, a file hosting service which brings files together in one central place by creating a special folder on the user’s computer.  Seventeen club members learned how to preserve club information, minutes, and reports in the digital age.  

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 

Federated Women’s Club of Hershey  

Sara Ruppel, President 

This club supported their local volunteer fire company, by whipping up some delicious soup and promoting the work of their club in the process.  Clubwomen were part of 40 professional, non-professional and junior soup cooks who participated in the Hershey Partnership’s Soup Cook-Off this past fall. With over 400 people in attendance, our clubwomen were able to promote their club by displaying their brochures, business cards, signs, and wear their club’s logo on their aprons during the event.  Their participation in the community cook-off helped to raise $5,500 for their local volunteer fire company.  Additionally, our clubwomen received an honorable mention for their delicious Carrot Soup.   

GFWC Junior Woman’s Club of Springfield 

Jennifer Bingaman, President 

This club recruited three new members as they promoted their club by selling wreaths and participating in a community event – Springfield Community Day.  Clubwomen sold homemade wreaths raising $300 and distributed flyers announcing their open house and upcoming fundraiser while speaking to several women who were interested in joining their club.  Fifteen members participated making wreaths or donating their time the day of the event.   

GFWC Woman’s Club of Milton  

Dorothy Zimmerman, President  

This club promoted their club activities by submitting articles to their local newspaper.  Immediately following each club meeting or event, articles were drafted featuring details of the events.  All articles were sent to their local newspaper via email. 


  • WINNER:GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

  • This entry will move on to GFWC. 

  • 2nd Place:GFWC Springfield Junior Woman’s Club 

  • 3rd Place:GFWC New Brighton Civic Woman’s Club 

  • 4th Place:Century Club of Wilkins Township 


  • GFWC Western Pocono Women’s Club 

  • This entry will move on to GFWC. 



  •  We will be submitting our entry for the website contest this year. 


Mary Fenstermacher, Chairman  

GFWC Intermediate League of Butler 

Yolanda Cypher, President 

This club formed a special committee to study where the club is today and where they were in the past. Members were asked to rank how they feel about the clubs involvement in leadership development, new member orientation and mentoring, local service programs, GFWC service projects, committee volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and time for fellowship. The results of the survey will be shared with the club members. 

GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President  

Members of this club were encouraged to use BEST PRACTICES. The intent was to help members be more comfortable when working with the latest technology and also help to streamline operations and improve management of projects, and become more comfortable using electronic club forms and the new accounting voucher system. Also, Scholarship and Grant Applications can easily be accessed, completed by applicants and submitted to specific chairmen. 

GFWC New Brighton Civic Woman’s Club 

Dayna Dierdorf, President 

This club believes that organization is the key to success. Their members work together to help each officer and committee chairman feel comfortable on the job ahead of them.  The very positive attitude in the club is evident as new members are volunteering to take leadership positions.  Outstanding Senior Girls and their families are invited to meetings.  The hope is that seeing a meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order will foster future leaders in the high school girls. 

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 

This chairmen believes the mentoring of newer club members to assume leadership roles in the club is very important.  Also, inviting the senior girls to show by example, and help foster leadership in the next generation is priceless. 


Gaylene Hunter, Chairman 

GFWC Intermediate League of Butler 

Yolanda Cypher, President 

This club coordinated a “Celebration of the U.S. Constitution”.  In order to educate members about their rights guaranteed by the constitution, they played a game at meetings called “Does It Really Do That?”  Scenarios of criminal charges were read and members were asked if the person could be charged with a crime under the constitution.  This was a challenging way to learn about our rights.  In September, they reminded members to “Ring Your Bell” on September 20th in remembrance of the 232nd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. 

They also held a celebration of the birth of the Constitution at their local library.  Children were invited to make a patriotic doorknob cover and were given patriotic pens. This is a great way to make children aware of our government and our constitution at an early age with the hope that they take an active role in government as they get older.   

This club’s report was submitted for the GFWC Creativity Award. 

GWFC Town and Country Women’s Club 

Dawn Himler, President 

This club displays excellence in disseminating legislative information to their club members. They make it easy for their members to stay informed about important legislative issues by forwarding information from the Legislative Action Center and e-newsletters from legislators to all club members. Handouts about topics such as Human trafficking  and Miranda’s law  are provided at meetings.  They encouraged voting by having members who voted, enter a drawing for a book of US Flag Stamps.


Cathy Wink, Chairman 

Overall Membership Awards  

GFWC Woman’s Club of Spring Township 

Betty Smith, President  

This club incorporated all aspects of membership into their report. They invited members from a disbanded club to join; they invited former members to meetings; they advertised thru flyers, GFWC tri-folds; and thru a local community online page.  They have a mentoring program, a new member casual get together to discuss committees; name tags and membership cards; honored club member          5 year anniversaries; and sent thank you notes to club members. They applied and received the GFWC Membership Grant for their summer picnic.  Plus they welcomed 21 new members for a 57% increase in membership. 

GFWC the Junior Woman’s Club of Boyertown 

Anita Zuber, President 

This club’s membership drive was started in May of 2016. They had a plan to grow thru their Facebook posts, newspaper articles, sandwich board and club brochures. Each month, their membership chairman presents an “Icebreaker” to get to know each other better.  They also developed a mentor program for new members and they honor at least one member as the “member of the month”.  The club’s sunshine chairman mails occasion cards to members and they have a special “Girls Night Out just for fun. 

GFWC Rostraver Woman’s Club 

Beata Herold, President  

This club had a guest meeting in October to encourage membership. Club members and guests brought recipes of their favorite appetizer or dessert. Winners were announced and received a small gift. The recipes were put in a cookbook and given to all the participants.  This club also applied for and received the GFWC Membership Grant. 

Club Creativity Award 

GWFC Town and Country Women’s Club 

Dawn Himler, President 

This club finds unique and fun ways to maintain their club membership of 6 women.  This year the GFWC Pennsylvania membership team helped them by holding a “Victory Dance” membership team building evening at the Summer Leadership Conference.  Clubs were contacted thru the Pennsylvania Clubwoman newsletter and the fall district tour.  Clubs were asked to share one of their successful projects and show it to the state membership through a skit or victory dance.  The skit was to have no more than 8 members, there would be 5 minutes for setup and 2 minutes to perform it.  The Town & Country Club decided to participate in this program.  The state membership chairman was contacted and given a short write up for the announcement. The club decided to center around the 19th Amendment Party held each August and how far women have come since then.  Three club members participated and a member from another also marched. Participants supplied their own white blouses and dark slacks.  These suffragists marched a picket line with signs and shouting for women’s right to vote. They shocked everyone when they removed their over skirts and hats and pulled extra bras out of their blouses to represent the 1970’s bra burners and women libbers. The club won first place for their “Victory Dance”.   

Membership Recruitment Awards  

Upper Allen Woman’s Club GFWC 

Stacey Swain, President 

This club’s recruitment event welcomed 15 new members into the club. They utilize the club brochure, web site, Facebook page, and fundraising events to recruit members.  It is the largest club in Pennsylvania.  The offer a variety of programs, volunteer opportunities, educational programs and social events to maintain that membership.  

GFWC Saxonburg District Woman’s Club 

Melissa Somerville, President 

This club held a membership drive at a local winery.  The group was instructed on how to paint a sunflower on a block of wood by a club member. The club had a sample newsletter for everyone and a schedule of upcoming club events. The applied for and received the GFWC Membership Grant. 

GFWC Western Pocono Women’s Club 

Pam Borger, President 

This club sponsors a Covered Dish/New Member Night annually.  The event is advertised in local newspapers, on the club’s website and in a monthly periodical that reaches every home in the community. Committees invite, organize, decorate, and clean up. This year a fashion show as the entertainment. 

GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President 

This club hosted a Marketplace at their public library to recruit new members and provide information showcasing the club and federation. The members manned stations about club projects, fundraising, bunco, federation and food. Eighteen club members participated and 9 women joined the club.  Hours 260 

Membership Retention Award  

GFWC PA Nazareth Woman’s Club 

Sharon Bonner, President 

This club had members participate in a game called Meet Your Match. It was designed to have members interact by discovering other members with similar choices.  The club also had programs lead by their Vice President and other members. 

Membership Recognition Awards 

Federated Women’s Club of Hershey 

Sara Ruppel, President 

This club believes to be a good member one needs to know about the club to which they belong. Committee members read a few paragraphs of the History of the Federated Women’s Club of Hershey at club meetings. Also the Club present created an installation ceremony us the club’s initials to explain about federation and the club. 

GFWC Pocono Mountain Women’s Club  

Judy Grace, President 

Members of the club participated in the Mount Pocono Harvest Festival by setting up a table with pictures, flyers and trifolds of the club.  The chairman was dressed in period dress of the turn of the 20th Century to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and 125th anniversary of GFWC.  An article appeared in the Journal of the Pocono Plateau. 


Donna Napoleon, Chairman 

GFWC Rostraver Woman’s Club 

Beata Herold, President  

This club held a Vintage to Vogue Jewelry Sale at their February meeting. Sixteen 

members participated and the profit was $116.00. Jewelry not sold was donated to the Kane Regional Center in McKeesport, which is a long-term nursing facility. In-Kind  

donation for the 59 items donated to Kane was approximately $118.00. 

GFWC Intermediate League of Butler 

Yolanda Cypher, President  

This club held its annual Antiques Show and Sale in March which supports 17 local charitable organizations. Forty-one dealers participated and 1,174 patrons were in attendance over this   three-day event. Chairman’s responsibility’s included conducting planning meetings, arranging security, set-up and permits, work schedules, quilt raffle, arranging displays, van shuttles, publicity, pre-view night along with refreshments, name tags, signs, luncheon for dealers and members, and much more. Funds raised were $25,227.07 with In-Kind donations totaling $3,260 and 1,732 Volunteer Hours. They are now planning for the 70th Anniversary Show. 

GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club 

Andrea Verobish, President  

This club held its 10th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance in March with a profit of $19,909. Tickets cost $45 a person for a total ticket sale of 292. Eighteen sponsors raised $4,600 and In-Kind donations were valued at $18,150. Activities were both an Irish and Silent Auction, a 52-card raffle and entertainment provided by Felix and the Hurricanes. Many members chaired various committees for the success of this project.   

Sixty-three members participated for a total of 967 Volunteer Hours. 

Club Creativity Award 

GFWC Woman’s Club of Spring Township 

Betty Smith, President  

This club sponsored an Auto Spa Coupon Book Sale. Each book was sold at a cost of $45.00 to a local car wash facility during May and December. The book included five exterior car washes with half the proceeds awarded for the fundraiser. In May $495 was raised and $829 for December for a total of $1,329.00. Monies were donated to the International Outreach and Conservation Committees, and the Olde de Dry Road Farm (a century historical homestead). In addition, a Thrivent Grant of $250 was awarded for expenses. 


Marcia Wilson, Chairman 

Club and Creativity Award 

GFWC Grove City Woman’s Club, 

Bonnie Post, President 

One award is being given for the 2019 reporting year.  The GFWC Grove City Woman’s Club, with just 16 members, of whom 12 are active, with a proud history of service to their community, has found it necessary to modify projects to accommodate an aging membership. Nonetheless, their efforts are known and appreciated by local residents.  

The Club was formed as a response to World War I and joined GFWC in 1919.  GFWC Grove City Woman’s Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019 and focused all activities during the year on continuing community service and making the community aware of their contributions.   

Members compiled and published a cookbook/memoir which was both a fundraiser and a pictorial history of the club, so that every purchaser had a lasting memento of how much the club has meant to the community over the decades.   

They awarded an annual $500 scholarship to a graduating senior at the local high school, letting students and the community know of their ongoing support for education.  

Very creatively, they collected 100 items or more each month for donation to local charities: baking and packaging 300 cookies for meals on wheels; collections of food for the food pantry; a collection of change for Canine Companions for Independence; and six other collections between October and June.  The agencies receiving the donations were reminded anew of the generosity and community spirit of their local GFWC Club. 

Club members gave a total of 95 hours (40 of which were to compile the cookbook/memoir), $620 in direct donations and $357 in-kind donations.