(Article originally posted at GFWC.org Volunteers in Action section. Congratulations ladies!)

Members of GFWC West Side Woman’s Club (Pennsylvania) have been in sharing in the volunteer spirit. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club have donated and served in many community events throughout the year. Here’s a look at what GFWC West Side Woman’s Club has been up to:

1. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club recently participated in the Ruth’s Place 12th Annual Walk for Hope. By participating, club women showed their solidarity with women experiencing homelessness in Luzerne County. This event featured a fair and a 2-mile walk that educated people about the reality of homelessness in Wilkes-Barre. Ruth’s Place is a program of Volunteers at America, a national nonprofit spiritually-based organization providing local human service programs and opportunities for individual and community involvement. Locally, in addition to Ruth’s Place, the organization also provides a variety of services such as pregnancy counseling, shelter for homeless women, child care, and elderly transportation.

Pictured at the event are Amanda Zellner, VOA Government Relations Director; Deidre Miller Kaminski – Second Vice President, GFWC of Luzerne County; Becky McCuen, GFWC West Side; Carla Finn,GFWC West Side; and Jodina Hicks, Executive Director, Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania.

2. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club spent an evening recently wrapping presents for Valley Santa. This is the club’s second year helping Valley Santa.

Pictured are Club members Christina Kinsman, Mary Ann Augaitis, Aileen Whalen, Eileen Gallagher, Diane Sickler, Irene, Mackiewicz Mary Ladish, Karen French,Tara Rhodes, Diane Fort, Maggie Wallowak, Melissa Perry, Jean Pieczynski, Ruth Visoky, Carol Bubblo and Club President Gina Rushkowski.

3. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club sponsored a tree at the Parade of Trees at Grotto Pizza at Harvey’s Lake. The Club is supported Victims Resource Center in Wilkes-Barre with proceeds from the vote. The theme of the tree is “Women in Action – Volunteering!”

Pictured decorating the tree are GFWC – West Side Club Members: Left to right Donna Comitz, Tina Stella, Aileen Whalen, – Marianne Furtak, (on ladder) Deidra Kaminski, Eileen Gallager and Betty Bauman

4. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club passed put toy soldiers as a reminder to keep our soldiers in our prayers. They expressed their gratitude to our Men and Women in the military who dedicate their lives in protecting this great nation. May we remember them in our thoughts and prayers. With respect and honor we thank you for your service!

Pictured: PA GFWC Second Vice President Heide Cebrick, President GFWC West Side, Regina Rushkowski

5. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club donated a variety of holiday gifts to a homeless family at the Catherine McAuley Center, to help them enjoy the Holidays!

Pictured are: Donna Comitz, Christine Kinsman, Cathy Scoda ,Carol Bubblo, Peggy Hanlon, Becky McCuen, Karen French, Home Life Chairman, Gina Rushkowski – Club President, Mary Ladish, Carol Grogan, MaryAnn Augaitis, Ruth Visoky and Irene Mackiewicz. Not pictured: Margaret Jackson, Diane Fort, Melissa Parry, Pat Saracino, Tina Stella, Carol Crolick, Ginny Zdanowicz, and Shelley Russin

6. GFWC West Side Woman’s Club served dinner at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen.

Pictured Is Gina Rushkowski – Club President, Karen French – Home Life Chairman, Marge Gushka, Alice Sawchak, Terri Ross, Patty Bernoski, Ginny Zdanowicz and Irene Mackiewicz